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that dumb bitch romey rome thinks a teener is a ball, when its half a ball
by justin the fucking mann July 14, 2003
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teener, (TEE ner) noun. a 1/16th of an ounce, generally methamphetamine.
syn. 'teenager' or 'teenth'
Sue: I'm so glad we came to O'ahu but I'm so totally shot after missing our connection.
Michael: Me too! I thought I'd shit myself when that dog sniffed my ass at LAX.
Sue. OMG! Is that how you schlepped that teener to O'ahu? In yer hidey-hole?
Michael: Yup. I hope it's enough for the next 4 days.
by Ned Ludd August 04, 2005
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One sixteenth of an ounce of cocaine half the size of an eightball which, you guessed it, weighs 1/8 of an ounce or 3 and a half grams
That crazy motherfucker just snorted a whole teener.
by Romey Rome July 08, 2003
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Weight in grams, 1/16th of a narcotic (usually methamphetamine)
Glen: "Hey girl, can you float me a Teener for a few days until my check comes in?"
Carol: "You still owe for the other two"
Glen: "Damn, girl, I said I'd get you back. I got that big check coming in."
Carol: "Right."
by Honor Nees June 11, 2018
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A girl whom is very annnoying and often is overwhelmed with happyness and annoys everybody around her.
I pointed and said Kunal Sharma is such a teener.
by Milkman7 April 17, 2004
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