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Creepy-ass antique doll that looks like it will come to life and kill you while you're sleeping. If this thing is in the guest room where you're supposed to sleep, you will *not* be able to fall asleep because you're listening for the tappity tappity of tiny little shoes. Has those creepy eyes that open and shut; one of the eyes is inevitably wonky so it looks like it's winking at you as if to say, "night-night!"

Variation: Stabbity Nana Doll; same thing but with human hair from your dead Nana. Bonus points if said doll has actual human teeth as well.
That stabbity doll I saw on stark. raving. mad. mommy. is the creepiest thing I have seen in the whole history of ever.
by starkravingmadMommy November 16, 2010
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