Means that you are openly gay.
Cheerleader one; I though you were strictly dickly.
Cheerleader 2; No, I'm out and about
by Honey Lianne. January 31, 2011
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When your talking to Canadians, you tell them to say this because they can't pronounce it correctly.
American: Damn, I forgot my glasses. Can you read this for me.

Canadian: "Oot an aboot ina boot." It doesn't make any sense, don't cha know?

American: Hahaha, its "out and about in a boat!" Your lack of pronunciation is ridiculous!!!!

Canadian: You friggin hoser...
by goalie75 September 24, 2009
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a girl who thinks she's hot, and thinks all the guys think she is hot too. she posts a lot of pictures on facebook, and gets a lot of likes from guys. this makes her think she can have any guy she wants so she flirts with a bunch, and picks out the guy she wants to be with assuming he will like her back.
what an out and about girl she is, she is flirting with every guy thinking she has them all wrapped around her finger.
by hellocouturegirl November 28, 2011
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Something that is unable to be found out about or simply will never be known.
by Klendathu August 26, 2008
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a powerful response meaning to discuss something by making out instead of talking.
girl: "My Dad lost his job, my Mom is leaving him, and my boyfriend just dumped me!"

you: "Ah, don't cry sweetie. We will go over here, and let's make out about it , okay?"
by JYoung508 January 15, 2009
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when two people are "talking" and they dont want others to know because it may ruin a relationship or friendship between them and other people. also when there is a secret or suprise for or about another person.
girl: "i really like you but i have a boyfriend"
boy: "well things can happen, but no one can find out about this"
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