A doll is a beautiful trans woman. Like off the walls gorgeous. She’s stunning. She’s cunty. She is the grand dame. She looks like a literal doll. She may engage in sex work. Similar to a bimbo but smarter and faster.
“If shes not a doll she cant get in get the bouncer
by Embersuxxx January 24, 2021
The sexiest, hottest, girl around, she is the ultimate dream girl. When you you see her you automatically want to kiss her. When you make eye contact with her you are just blown away by her hotness. When you see her you just know that her body is the perfect shape.
by Gentle Giant 99 April 8, 2015
A cute and short girl, under 5'3 and good for spooning. She's great and everything you'll ever love.
The biggest compliment you can ever give a girl.
"I'm so short..."
"You're a doll."

Or, alternatively,
"Love you, doll."
by Bork - Doggo November 5, 2016
When a parent chooses who their child loves, what they wear, how they act, how they look, who they become, and how they feel. A parent treats their child like a toy doll.
I feel like my parents treat me like I’m their doll.
by PrincessLovelyPeaches July 18, 2020
A sexy Shemale that even a straight guy can't resist.
Man, I ain't trippin' but I'd tap that Doll's ass anyday
by Goosechase November 24, 2009
A woman or man that are thought to be without brains or dumb but look pretty to have around and adorn your party or group and you don't need their opinion at all.
Check out the doll with Johnny. Now he looks sharp and lucky with her adoring eyes on him all day. All the men wished they had dolls for wives.
by Jessyhoney December 2, 2015