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Thandi, meaning loved one
A slim, beautiful and funny short girl. Very bubbly and a tough one. Can be very stubborn and has a whacky kick-ass attitude. Very caring and know's how to drown you in happiness. You should be jealous if you ain't got a best friend named thandi
"She is short, definitely a Thandi"
"Thandi is the love of my life"
by cutiecorn01 April 27, 2017
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Niece of the Gods, Loved one, Name meaning beautiful one, loved by all who have walked before her and revered by all who follow in her trail. Angels weep that she escaped heaven, Vakings fought because they thought she dwelled in Valhalla...and every time her birthday come around, people who matter raise a toast, "to Thandi, the Beautiful of heart"
Lets give a toast to Thandi.
by Hotstepper May 06, 2015
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An African name meaning loved one.

A beautiful, intelligent woman who is completely stubborn and always gets her way. She will make you fall in love with her and leave and completely crush your heart leaving you feeling empty inside.

When you try to come back into her life you realize she moved on and she refuses to give you another chance.
I thought we were forever but clearly I was wrong.

" Thandi blocked me on instagram "

Ex: celebrity actress sharing the same name Thandie Newton
by rp234 December 03, 2013
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A being that purifies every tormented soul among existence. Once you meet with Thandi, every souls will be cleansed. There is nothing that can corrupt Thandi's being itself. Hatred, resentment, distrust, malice, arrogance, unfriendliness will be forgotten when you're with Thandi.

"Man I feel so depressed"
Thandi walks by...
I feel so happy all of a sudden!!!
Thandi cured cancer just by talking to the patients.
by Thandi's follower November 26, 2017
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An amazingly hot motherfucker with an adorably cute side. He is the perfect cuddle buddy and will keep you warm all night. He is also boss at video games and rapping (specifically j cole). He has the voice of an angel, will make your side hurt from laughter, and always leaves you wanting more.
"Is THAT Thandi?!"
"Bitch swerve, he's mine."
by Anonymousthandilover November 19, 2013
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A very stubborn midget who has no knowledge of spanish whatsoever and whose ego is bigger than her country of Africa.
Thandi bullied Adam because she's jealous of his height.
by Thandi Hater November 06, 2018
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