To cry silently, without any noises, sometimes without moving or closing one's eyes.
Lola didn't scream when she saw the murderer. She simply started to weep.
by Lisya August 1, 2006
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Weep - Something Of When A Crying Tear Falls From Your Codded Eye.
Weeping Like A Baby Bitch
You Weeped On Yo Mama !
Go Weep Bitch.
by ProperPineapple September 30, 2007
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Vrb. To ejaculate onto ones face. Usually used in a derogatory manner as a follow up to an insult or after proving someone wrong
What are you talking about, Swaziland has the world's lowest life expectancy...weep
by friggin_sick_dude April 22, 2008
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lindsey said weep when she got hit by a car
by samee February 18, 2004
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The state of being sad or depressed a couple days after smoking weed. Usually only lasts a few days
Hey man, Is Mike okay? He looked pretty sad yesterday
Yeah, It's just the weeps. It'll pass
by Rachel M(Brown Power) May 22, 2016
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A diminutive, whimsical, and versatile sort of "nom de plume" for the meaty, veinous, and ultimately legendary - PENIS!
1. "I'm going to peep out my weep"
2. "Stick your weep in her stinky weep-eater!!"
3. "You're a goddamn weephead!"
4. "If you keep talkin' that dirty shit, i'm going to shoot weep-juice from the throbbing head of my weep into your eyes."
5. "This is a weeping good time!"
by Antimimos May 4, 2010
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Not to be confused with "wept", which is the past tense of "weep" when weep refers to crying. Weeped is the past tense form of weep when weep is used in the sense of drainage.
Last week I scrapped my knee and it weeped puss for two days before scabbing over. I wept with joy when it finally healed.
by Olorin42 June 2, 2017
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