The hangover remedy involving the acts of drinking large amounts of liquid, and vomiting it all out in a routinely matter. Involves multiple repetitions to achieve a successful cleanse.
"Man, I drank way too much last night. I better start cleansing now to get rid of this hangover."

"Dude, that's like your fourth trip to the bathroom this morning? What the hell are you doing in there?"
"Don't worry, bro. I'm just cleansing."
by PaulyG24 December 27, 2011
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Taking a laxative with any form of spicy food.
Man: I'm cleansing this weekend so don't clean the toilet.
by Scabbeth June 5, 2017
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The act of throwing up when drinking alcohol and then drinking more aka making room
Bro your weak.

Nah brah I’m just cleansing
by Eshay brah March 23, 2019
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a process where you rid yourself from all bad vibes caught after an encounter
riri: Did you enjoy that convo with that dude?
lily: No, i needed a big, fat, vibe cleanse.
by hunnydew May 7, 2020
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Expensive bottles that harbor an inexpensive carrot/broccoli liquid that more or less help with a BM (bowel movement)/or more commonly known as a shit
"I really wanted to drop 8 pounds before a party this weekend so I thought what better way to shit out your weight than with a juice cleanse."
by The Original Shitter December 16, 2013
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To erase unwanted or unneeded people on your facebook friends list. Usually a result of having 300+ friends but only talking to a fraction of them. Basically a friends cleanse but exclusive to Facebook.
I decided to have a Facebook cleanse, now my friends list is only half it's original size.
by Roger_5000 December 29, 2011
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