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1. adj. subjected to bullying.

2. v. past tense of bully.
We say that someone is bullied because someone else bullied him.
by Downstrike September 13, 2004
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When someone goes to the gym and spends 90% of the time on their phones scrolling through social media
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by Gary br April 02, 2017
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When you trick, stun or generally get one over on your mates. Similar to punked. Excellent come-back word, used effectively when people have suffered a misfortune.
"Dude, did you have the last beer?"

"Yeh, bullied"


"My girls just finished with me"

"lol, bullied"
by Don Fandango August 06, 2007
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During gaming or fighting, when one person is being combo'd between two enemies, they are getting bullied. Similar to "Wombo Combo", a tag team attack, except better.
"Get bullied!" "Team, help! I'm getting bullied!" "Dang, he's getting bullied."
by heartryh May 01, 2018
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word used when someone very aggressively tells another person to do something and the person does it without hessitating because of fear
James: "get the fuck out my way bitch!"
Amy:(moves very quickly out of james's way)
James: (james would them reply) "bullied!"

by Christy and Jasmine October 17, 2006
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Bullied an acronym for







Lindsey: you were bullied that makes you stronger

Natalie:thanks you’re the best
by Sweet Advice June 21, 2019
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