1. adj. subjected to bullying.

2. v. past tense of bully.
We say that someone is bullied because someone else bullied him.
by Downstrike September 13, 2004
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word used when someone very aggressively tells another person to do something and the person does it without hessitating because of fear
James: "get the fuck out my way bitch!"
Amy:(moves very quickly out of james's way)
James: (james would them reply) "bullied!"

by Christy and Jasmine October 17, 2006
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Somebody who hurts others either physically, mentally or emotionally. They can ruin a persons life, just to make themselves feel better
Josephine bullies Kate in English and Religion by saying shes stupid. She's a bully and makes Kate cry.
by Kateeeeeeeee June 11, 2008
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A pathetic human being who uses violence or words to make someone feel worthless just to make his/herself feel better.
That bully has been taking Kayla's lunch money recently.
by 知識 June 23, 2015
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Someone who physically and verbally abuses people around them. A human without a nice bone in their body and thinks that it is morally acceptable to constantly bring other people down. Bullies don't usually realise how much of a negative impact they have on their victims because they are extremely selfish.
Chloe is a bully because she always calls her sister ugly.
by carrotfingers April 28, 2016
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an ugly worthless coward who picks on other people
Stop being a bully you ugly coward!
by Rejektz February 25, 2015
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Bullies are scum, pure and simple. They torment people who can't defend themselves, they revel in the suffering of innocent people who have never done anything to hurt them. They are the REAL reason for the Columbine shootings, they are the main reason for kids dropping out of school, or worse, commiting suicide. It's not just kids who can be bullies, teachers can be even worse, seing as how they have authority over the kids. But when their victims stand up for themselves, their true nature shows: a cowardly, spineless worm.
Bullying is a problem, a much bigger problem than violent video games.
by DeeDurk August 17, 2008
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