When someone is not correct. When they are the opposite of right. Normally what Ann is when she’s mentioning The Rock.
Ann looked at Brian and said, “I was wrong” . As she always is when talking about The Rock.
by Bk102886 November 11, 2020
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The one phrase a malignant narcissist will never utter.
"I was wrong about the virus, the pandemic, climate change", Trump said, "wrong about masks, so wrong. Please forgive me." And as he fell to his knees, my alarm gave way to my alarm clock. I jolted awake, barely able to breathe, wondering whether it was from the smoke, or whether it was actually Covid.
by Monkey's Dad September 16, 2020
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the use of the phrase is a reference to the taped phone conversation of 50 Cent and Young Buck (When Buck was crying, he stated "I was wrong and confused" about the issue they were having)

Its used in a similar way as saying "cold-blooded" while making fun of your peers...


its used as another way to say
"I fucked up"
Example: Somebody crashes Their car into another driver

Person 1: What the fuck were u thinking - were u paying attention to road?

Person 2: (sniffling) I was wrong..

Person 1: That still doesn't solve the problem dumbass..
by Tha Boss3232 July 24, 2008
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it is a synonym for Where the lie tho? and is a response when you expose someone or tell the truth in a humorous way and there is a shocked or surprised reaction
1: "Emily was highkey a bitch at that party tbh"
2: "BrUHHHH"
3:"Am I wrong tho?"
by Radar. April 12, 2018
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Hi.I would message you but I don't wanna sound petty and if I do this I can pretend this isn't me :-) . Anyway I'll get to it. Theres like so so much I've wanted to say and I hate myself for not saying anything but I guess because you mean so much to me I'm so scared of ruining something with us which is so so stupid because I know that I'm only ruining it more by saying nothing. It's just I feel like the more I try, the more of a burden to you i feel. I just want to start over from the begining, and just be more brave and honest and I'm sorry I haven't been like that. But anyway I feel like you're mad at me and if you are I get it but can you just be honest and tell me what it is because I don't know if I've done something and if there is something I've done can you tell me how to fix it because I just wanna do my best to do whatever I can to make this work. You're probably not and I'm being paranoid and petty but yeah :-). Anyway even if you're not mad at all or anything like that i want you to know that i care so fucking much about you and I really hope that I never lose you. Wow this sounds so dramatic it's really not it's just theres like so much I wanna talk to you about but it feels weird for it to come outta no where yk.

I also wanted to say you're really really pretty <3

ok I'm done you will probably never read this but thats fine :-)
определенно не гей mhmmmmm 🏳️ 🌈🏳️ 🌈🏳️ 🌈
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