If you want to be the prime minister, you need to be a military first. And then you do the coup d'etat. Now, you can manipulate all the laws that can give you advantages in the real election.
Did you hear about the election in Thailand that was done by nasty disgusting Prayuth Hua Kuai? I heard that the sum of all votes exceed the number of people who voted.
by Prayed March 24, 2019
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A:Dude, I heard Thailand finally elected a new prime minister.
B:Cool! Who is it.
A: Sike Prayut will always be the prime minister of Thailand.
by PrayutLand September 09, 2019
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A country that was never colonized and exploited by a foreign power. Instead it is exploited by the Thai super rich and the Royal Family.
The super rich live of the backs of the mega poor in Thailand.
by The Grand Wazzoo January 08, 2010
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Japan was never colonized by any European nation either.
Thailand and Japan are two of the coolest countries I've ever been to.
by Muay Thai September 19, 2004
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Person A: "Hey, I was kinda thinking of going to Thailand for my wedding."

Person B: "Just go to Mexico, same shit, but you know, Asian."
by Daniladi13 July 25, 2010
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I live in Bangkok and it is an absolute shit hole - nice people, but:
800,000 underage prostitutes, massage parlour owners as government candidates - corrupt police, dirty streets and ghetos everywhere,motorbikes driven on the pavement where you walk, incredible poverty,knocking shops which have flashing neon lights and are the size of a Las vegas hotel, samurai swords for sale by the street, knives for sale in toy shops, no rear seatbelts, 3 traffic related deaths every hour, the world's worst drivers who ignore traffic lights and lanes, the world's worst traffic jams, crap busses that take ages to arrive and are overcrowded, tiny underground system, disgusting smell from the polution, a complete arsehole as the prime minister (Thaksin Shinawatra)-sanctioned southern Muslims b eing packedinto trucks like pigs so that 100+ died as a result of being suffocated, no ambulances, boat loads of stray dogs roaming the streets, huge divots in the pavement, market stalls that converge on to the pavement so you can't walk properly.

by Finesilver February 03, 2005
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The land of military coups, with army generals protecting the aristocracy and the wealthy in Bangkok, when the rich and powerful feel threatened by political parties that support the farmers and villagers.
Thailand has the world's most number of temples, but it's usually its sex industry and beautiful beaches that attract budget-conscious tourists to this land of a thousand smiles.
by MathPlus August 23, 2017
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