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An insulting West Indian term, which implies the recipient is the blood from a woman's vagina following a period. This is not to be confused with "bumbeclart" which is a reference to shit from an arse.
eh rasclart, ya mudder, da fuckin whore - she a bumbe clart. Wa your pun pun suffer, cause you a batty boy. A mon is poking his jaheebas upa - bo!
by Finesilver January 10, 2005

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A salty ejaculate which is devoured by "thirsty bitches" Said to be of similar taste to Roqufort blue cheese, spunk is the favourite beverage of many pornstars. Amusingly used by Australian "Sheilas" to describe an attractive man "he's a spunk", spunk is a calorie and protein dense nutritious food, which is commonly consumed by young Japanese women.
To spunk,
Spunked up,
Spunked all over,
Spunked in her mouth
Nasty spunk-filled whore
by Finesilver January 10, 2005

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An endurance wanking event, where by the wankee must complete 260,000 strokes strokes in the fastest time possible. It is a real achievemnt to finish a wankathon, as drop outs are common. Compettors suffer from friction related burns and penile chaff.
It is important that you time your finish and that you don't run out of juice before the end.
So, what is the take home message? Well it's not the cumming first, its the taking shaking of you part that counts.
The London Wankathon
The New York Wankathon
The Olympic Wankathon
by Finesilver January 11, 2005

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I live in Bangkok and it is an absolute shit hole - nice people, but:
800,000 underage prostitutes, massage parlour owners as government candidates - corrupt police, dirty streets and ghetos everywhere,motorbikes driven on the pavement where you walk, incredible poverty,knocking shops which have flashing neon lights and are the size of a Las vegas hotel, samurai swords for sale by the street, knives for sale in toy shops, no rear seatbelts, 3 traffic related deaths every hour, the world's worst drivers who ignore traffic lights and lanes, the world's worst traffic jams, crap busses that take ages to arrive and are overcrowded, tiny underground system, disgusting smell from the polution, a complete arsehole as the prime minister (Thaksin Shinawatra)-sanctioned southern Muslims b eing packedinto trucks like pigs so that 100+ died as a result of being suffocated, no ambulances, boat loads of stray dogs roaming the streets, huge divots in the pavement, market stalls that converge on to the pavement so you can't walk properly.

Paradise - give me a break!
by Finesilver February 03, 2005

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An early morning wank performed before rising from bed; the wankadoodledoo is performed at dawn.
Mark: "Hi Amber, I had a lovely wankadoodledoo this morning"
Amber: "I hope you didn't stain the bedsheets"
MARK: "No, I'm a good shot"
by Finesilver January 12, 2005

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Am J Forensic Med Pathol. 1985 Dec;6(4):319-24. Related Articles, Links

Rectal fist insertion. An unusual form of sexual behavior.

Shook LL, Whittle R, Rose EF.

Rectal fist insertion (fist fucking) is an uncommon and potentially dangerous sexual practice. This is usually a homosexual activity, but can also be a heterosexual or an autoerotic practice. One known death has been reported associated with rectal fist insertion, in which the complications of anal and colonic tears and bleeding had occurred (see Editor's note). The possibility of drug overdose is also probable, as drugs and alcohol are commonly introduced into the rectum to promote sphincter relaxation and to ease the discomfort of anal dilatation.

PMID: 4072987 PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE
Believe it or not, this is a genuine paper, which you can view at medline!!!! (online journal)
by Finesilver January 19, 2005

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The spunk doodle was first invented by Rolf Harris, who discovered the technique after accidentally spilling some ejaculate onto a piece of paper following a wank. The spunk ascertaining to a spunk doodle can be dyed by using natural vegetable dyes or for the more adventuous artists out there, shit. Rolf has master(bat)ed this this technique and is giving a live workshop demonstration at the July 2005 bodily fluids expo. If you are interested in attending please write a letter (sealing the envelope with ejaculate) adressed to
Rolf Harris,
The Australian cock art institute,
JACKSON BOLLOCK - Post modernistic interpretation, resulting from an uncontrollable ejaculation

WATER COLOUR - Mixing spunk with water to create a pastische

STILL LIFE- A spunk doodle from which is made from a man with a low sperm count

SELF PORTRAIT - A gooey arangement resembling the spunkee

ANIMAL DEPICTION - A spunk doodle created using the seaman of an animal, usually from a bull.

PERPECTIVE DRAWING - A spunk doodle utilizing various textures, shading and contours to give the viewer the illusion of a 3 dimentional spunkscape
by Finesilver January 11, 2005

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