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Japan was never colonized by any European nation either.
Thailand and Japan are two of the coolest countries I've ever been to.
by Muay Thai September 19, 2004

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Anal Punishment Rehabilitation. A form of torture in which the torturer wishes to "rehabilitate" an uncooperative subject. The torture involves adhering the lips of the person being tortured to the anal rim of a grotesquely obese man in his 40s by way of superglue. The man eats junkfood for the course of 24 hours leading up to the torture in preparation. When the torture is being commenced, the victim is held or bound down, his nose clamped shut with a hand, while the obese man flatulates into the victim's mouth and lungs. The nose is then released so that the methane and flatulent gasses escape and can be tasted. This overwhelms the sinuses with a putrid and lingering odor. Any desire for resistance will have been rehabilitated in the victim who will now be more than eager to divulge any damning infortation.
This draconian practice has been a favorite of various mafia groups as well as the C.I.A.

Goon 1: "He ain't speakin' boss..."
Goon Boss: "Oh yah?"
Goon 2: "Whaddya gonna do boss?"
Goon Boss: "Give 'em the ol' APR boys!"
Goon 1: "Jee boss, are you sure that's
Goon Boss: "Shaddap and do what I tell ya if you know what's good for ya!"
by Muay Thai April 06, 2004

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