a rare phenomena in which a woman has produced all 3 colours of a traffic light in her toilet. can only occur if she has her period, her pee is yellow, and for some reason she had one of those green shits.
girl: oh man! i dropped my glasses in the toilet the other day and it was after i filled it with everything a girl could possibly fill it with!

guy: oh, you mean had traffic lights?

girl: what?!?! where did you get that word?
by steg0saur August 4, 2008
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a game played by stoners.

usually played with between 2 and 10 people

first take 1 toke hold it pass it when the joint gets back to you breathe out and take 2 tokes hold it . then 3 tokes back to 2 then one. works well with foot longs
dude skin up lets play traffic lights.
by shiest miest April 4, 2010
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a toking game. Usually one toke pass, but you dont breathe out until you are next passed the doochie. See ninja death swords if you wanna get truly wreckup.
We only got one spliff left, so traffic lights yeh?
by grief March 15, 2004
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Having three girls on top of each other, and fucking the bottom girl, the middle girl, then the top girl, like the changing lights in a traffic light (green, yellow, red).
Guy 1: did he just come out of the same room those three girls were in?
Guy 2: yeah, he was traffic lighting them. I saw them still lying on top of each other when he left.
by The Finn 6996 August 2, 2009
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A game played between two people as a way of exploring intimate things.

Green - Good, great, comfortable with it
Yellow - This is okay, feeling a little out of my comfort zone
Red - I don’t like this, can we stop?
Person 1: I touch you first, you say a colour and then you touch me. We can stop at anytime. It’s called traffic lights. Okay?

Person 2: Okay.
by Random person 7474 April 8, 2021
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The classic hot dog topped with ketchup, mustard, and relish. Named so because the red, yellow, and green that top the dog resembles the colors of a traffic light. Can also be shortened to T.L.
Street vendor: "What kind of hot dog would you like?"
Bill: "Just give me a T.L."
Street vendor: "..."

I ate a traffic light while at the traffic light.

My favorite hot dog is the traffic light.
by Jolt'o'Bolt July 13, 2013
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A game played with a doobie with many variations - the most common being where each person takes 3 tokes without exhaling and passes it on, then takes 2 tokes when the joint next reaches them (without exhaling), and then takes 1 (often large) toke before exhaling.
guy 1: dude... traffic lights?

guy 2: sure. pass the doobie.

guy 3: blaaaargh.
by GuitarDave January 9, 2008
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