Tasmania is Australia's cool climate island state, although the capital city Hobart has more sunny days in summer than any other Australian capital city. Many non-Tasmanians mispronounce Tasmania's second city Launceston as Lawn-ceston. Locals pronouce it like Lonn-ceston.

Tasmania is about the same size as Switzerland, Ireland and West Virginia. Indeed bearded Tasmanian "hillbillies" can be seen driving pick up (utility) trucks with gun racks, and the driver may be wearing a large hat. You may be forgiven for thinking that you are in West Virginia.

The Roaring 40's wind pattern dominates the state's climate producing higher rainfall in the west and a milder climate in the east. Tasmania has some of the world's purest air and contains some of the planet's most pristine national parks and unspoiled scenery. The southwest is a confederation of heritage wilderness parks, in many places still impenetrable and unexplored.

The southern lights or Aurora Australis is visible from most places in Tasmania. Tasmania is also known for the possibly extinct Tasmanian Tiger, the Tasmanian Devil, Erol Flynn and Princess Mary of Denmark.
Tasmania is relatively free from crime, an inncocent state.
by I. G. Spong February 10, 2007
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An Australian state that before the Beaconsfield mine collapse, was considered a place for incest-hippies.
Now, it is recognised for being fabulously bogan.
It's pretty.
Mount Wellington is nice.
Mainland snobs need to realise that Tasmania is better than wherever they live.
After all, we have Todd and Brant. ;|
"I'm going to Tasmania, then I can get trapped down a mine with some bogans"
by anaesthetise June 12, 2006
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Ok... so I am from Tassie. Many mainlanders think its a hole. I kinda tend to agree. Its a place for old people. I would so much prefer to live on the mainland. I really dont care about all the historical features. Stuff that, I want awesome shopping and lush weather, not the crappy 4 season in one day. Ugh it sucks. Sure we have some nice beaches and all that, but nothing compared to say, Brisbane. Now thats a place to go. So... some advice. Dont live in Tasmania. Sure come for a visit. Just dont settle down here ;)

BTW we arent incest. Just thought I'd clarify that, and last time I checked... I only have one head =P
tasmania= boring
I'd say, never come here.
by tasgirl March 21, 2007
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1) Island state south of Victoria, Australia.

2) Last penal colony in Australia, managed by the original Capt (then Govenor) Bligh of "Mutiny on the Bounty" fame (see - Loser).

3) A place with such a small gene pool that you can get married and divorced three times and still have the same inlaws.
Bill: "Why has Wendy got that awful scar on the side of her neck?"

Bob: "She's from Tasmania. It's from when they removed the extra head."
by sociopath9 May 2, 2009
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An island state in the Oceanian country of Australia, filled with actual devils, not a lot of people, and some kids went on a bouncy castle, fell off and died.
Tasmania kinda sucks
by A really big weirdo August 29, 2022
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A cold, wet and boring state in Australia.

Some say a it's a hole
"Why would you want to live in a cold and wet hole when there is sunshine in all the rest of Australia"

"because i'm old"
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Home of the people with two heads.
you're from tasmania? where's you're second head? had it removed?
by Riksta November 29, 2004
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