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Extremely intelligent male model, often known as being too ridiculously good-looking and extremely well endowed. Women are known to travel far and wide just to be in the presence of this great man, who is often compared to Jesus in status.

Friends of Erol are often known to praise or wish to possess his physical and mental attributes.

Once a year in a ceremony, friends and followers offer gifts and praise for his genoristy to mankind. And women hope to be chosen for what is known as the best sexual encounter experienced by women.
Chief: Wow i wish i could be like an Erol, his presence as a complete man is often to much to handle. And that body!
by God69er July 16, 2009
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the equivalent of "SNAP"
Erol is a mythical Creature that smokes like a chimney and has ultra weak bone structure that snaps easily.
by emkl August 01, 2006
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erol is a nickname given to males who are really great best friends. they are really great listeners and will stand by their friends' side through it all. they are also outstanding when it comes to basketball but they just don't know it yet.

an erol guy is also fun to talk to!

you just can't call it an amazing life if you haven't talked to one.

update: extinct/endangered specie. only one erol is left and he could be found somewhere in MNL
update .1 : the only erol we have is really really handsome. try to find him!!
you're always there for me despite all my flaws, just like an erol.

you're really great in basketball yet you still remain humble!! aww, what an erol.
by conget December 09, 2012
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the equivalent of "SNAP"
Mythical Creature that smokes like a chimney has the ultra weak bone structure that snaps, AKA Erol
by emkl July 31, 2006
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