I never really felt homesick before since I never felt belong to anywhere I go. And that’s why it’s fine by me even if I go places to places. But whenever I think about you, all I feel is peace. It’s an unfamiliar feeling, but I know this is what home feels like. You’re calming me and giving me peace just by visiting my thoughts, and though you don’t know, thank you for that.
You are my home. You’re my rest to this chaotic world, you’re my peace when everything turns into madness, you’re my everything. I miss you, and I love you.
by 051818 December 16, 2021
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A place of ones belonging ..where the heart can rest easy and the mind can calm itself ..a place where you want to spend everyday being happy and loved
by Rollin thunder November 20, 2018
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when you can feel you can be yourself home doesn't have to be a place you live in or even actual place its a feeling so comfortable somewhere or someone you can always go to go back to.
"I wanna go home"
"I feel like home in your arms
" this is my home"
by Knownme April 2, 2019
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Home isn’t always a place; it’s something or someone who makes you feel safe.
by nobodyislisten April 29, 2021
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That person against whom you can rest your head and your heart and everything feels safe; the place where you are not alone.
I know I'm home when I can be me and still feel loved.
by jihgf April 22, 2010
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Home is somewhere where you can be you or you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Home doesn't have to be at a house it can be anywhere or anything. My home has not yet been discovered, but have have you found yours?
by Noah2001 September 15, 2015
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A place where a person feels they truly belong. A safe place full of loved ones, happy memories and favourite things.
"I know I'm home because I can be myself and still feel loved."
by havingabadday November 29, 2011
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