A FOX News phrase used to cite opinions as fact.
Tomi Lahren on her opinion program: "Biden is a senile socialist!"

FOX anchor: "Some say Biden is a senile socilaist..."
by Downvoting Victim October 15, 2021
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A phrase used by Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, in reference to a dead (or dying) eldritch entity.
Ah, Kos, or some say Kosm... do you hear our prayers? As you once did for the Vacuous Rom, grant us eyes, grant us eyes! Plant eyes on our brains, to cleanse our beastly idiocy.
by Exterminator (not really) March 6, 2022
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A person says this when they want to give another example of another characteristic that means almost the same as the last.
some may say, she was intelligent.

some may say, ...
by petar da roc February 11, 2019
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When someone says this phrase, be sure to not say a word or you'll be in deep shit and that person will either hurt you or expose you.
Marcus: "Fuck you Steve!"
by lolbigdihgang September 6, 2017
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Maxmoefoe:"Jump down, Jump down and say some fucking gay shit"
*iDubbbz jumps from the fridge*
iDubbbz:"I'm gay!"
by Lol faggot piece of shit July 15, 2017
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You just keep going on about the size of your body parts
Not my kind of party
by Krkič February 14, 2020
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