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The first (above) definition for TWOK should be spelt as TWOC but TWOK has a more acronymic flow in English.

"TWOC is an acronym standing for Taking Without Owner's Consent. Synonyms used by police in the UK include UTMV: Unauthorised Taking of a Motor Vehicle, and TADA or TDA: Taken and Driven Away. TWOC derives from the wording of S12 Theft Act 1968 and it has become the term used by the police in England and Wales to describe any unauthorised use of a car or other conveyance that is not actual theft. Since the taking need not involve an intention to permanently deprive the owner of the car, it is easier to prove than theft (this having an element of with the intention to permanently deprive the owner of their goods). The term came to prominence with a sharp rise in car crime in the early-1990s.

In police slang usage, twoc became a verb, with twoccing and twoccers used respectively to describe car theft and those who perpetrate it: these usages subsequently filtered into general British slang." (
"You do not have to say anything in your defence but if you chose to remain silent and later give up that right to remain silent this can be mentioned in a Court of Law. You have the right to escape justice. You have the right to TWOK, the right to take whatever vehicle you feel like taking. Should you give up those rights, and decide to pay for your cars, you shall be deemed a reformed character of good standing in the community. Now, on your way son and don't like me catch you trying to steal motors again."
by SeRie$ oNe October 04, 2009
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TWOK is an acronym for "that would (be) O.K." It is currently becoming widely popular in the online community as a way to emphasize that something isn't good or great but fair and acceptable. It connotes something in which you'd be willing to take part.
Girl: Hey, do you think we can meet for lunch?


Girl: Fine, I can do better anyway
by Jesushlynn90 September 29, 2009
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To steal. an abreviation of the common juveline crime of 'Taken Without Consent' usualy applied to motor vehicles stolen by chavs.
"What you in for?";
"Twok on a Beamer, sweat ride..."
by MrTickle January 06, 2005
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Idiot who wears sports labels etc., goes round stealing things or claiming to to make him or herself look cool. As a general rule is part of an inbred tribe, usually of a white working class background. Spineless idiot that only attacks in packs, usually only attacking those that are different. Legendary quotes include "Where you callingmy pint a poof", "'Ere, are you a goff" "We don't like people like yuo round 'ere" "Ere, lend us some bus fare, mate"AKA Chav, Scallie, Trendy etc. You know the type. They're the majority that end up working Maccie D's 9-5 in order to feed their children that they had age 12. Often dating (read as screwing) Chip Fat Chibs, the sort of bottom feeding female that chews gum all the time and wears a shell suit caked in cider-vomit.
Check out that twok. Hasn't he had about 20 fag breaks today? Sure has Bob. Better fire him.
by Xanmato October 06, 2004
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to twok something is to steal, as in taking without owners consent. Dont you fucking retards know anything?
That fuckin Cunt twoked my car.
by Captain Planet February 24, 2004
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