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A wide ranging currency that men use to reimburse women for sexual favors. The highest denomination in the jewelry economic scale is diamonds, with gold being the most common unit.
I wanted to make sure that I could fuck the shit out of that skunt for the rest of the month, so I gave her a bunch of jewelry. Greedy bitch...
by billberto May 06, 2005
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Large medallions or objects of bling on chains featuring the star of david rather than a christian cross; not always real jewelry as many may not want to spend the money on it.
Did you see that rapper's Jew-elry? I wonder if he wears it to temple.
by Scott Fink September 07, 2006
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expensive adornments of precious metals &/or gems, and:

police slang for handcuffs
Cop, to cop buddy: I got a date tonight with a hot civilian chick who loves the uniform
Buddy: You're bringing your jewelry, right?
Cop: you know it, this bracelets never fail to impress! Then they love it when I smacl their ass with y leather belt!
Buddy Lucky asshole, I'm stucking working overtime tonight. . . Have fun.
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by cyberpope67,BC,Canada December 29, 2016
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n. body baubles or adornments, incorrectly spelled as jewelery by editors of UD. Jury is the spelling and pronounciation in ebonics.
Tyrone finally broke down and went to the jury store to buy Brie Ann and himself a wedding ring set. The jeweler at the jewelery store assayed the total stone weight in all three bands as twenty-fourth of a carat in diamond weight. The diamonds were blinding in the sunlight! This was jewelry fit for a queen
by Richard Black January 15, 2006
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Being positive or desirable in nature; not bad or poor: a jewelry handjob; jewelry news from the abortion clinic.

Having the qualities that are desirable or distinguishing in a particular thing: a jewelry paint job.

Serving the desired purpose or end; suitable: This a jewelry header for the GTI.

Not spoiled or ruined: This Beer is still jewelry.
In excellent condition; sound: a jewelry shaved pussy.

Superior to the average; satisfactory: a jewelry set o'tits and ass.

Of high quality: jewelry tools.

Discriminating: jewelry taste.

Worthy of respect; honorable: hitting that deer ruined the a jewelry v-dub.

Attractive; handsome: jewelry curves.

Beneficial to health; salutary: a jewelry night's rest.

Competent; skilled: she does the reverse cowgirl like jewelry.

Complete; thorough: a jewelry blowjob.
That blone haired broad's ass looks like jewelry!
by cooter February 12, 2004
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