a certain way of correcting a person that is out of line or incorrect.
friend 1: "I hate fat chicks, they always wheezing when they tryna talk to me"
friend 2: "c'mon do better, treat others the way you want to be treated"
by realkanyewest January 20, 2021
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A phrase used to encourage one to elevate their standards, behaviour, practices, ethics or generally anything.
Olivia Jachim: omg I cant get any good job cuz all them high paying ones keep testing for drug use and I need my weed!!!!

Sophia Lawson : Uh, Olivia, have you considered that if you desisted smoking every day you could cleanse your body and be eligible for higher paying jobs and thus save and move out of your mother's house?

Olivia Jachim: wtf I'm blocking you how could you say that I thought you'd understand that I'd die without weed I—

Sophia Lawson: Olivia, sweetie, please do better.
by Louis Shipper March 11, 2020
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Usually used in reference to peoples relationships...often meaning that the person can do better in terms of who they are with or dating...basically you need to step your game up, cause the person you with aint on your level and not cuttin up to yo standards...

See Also:
get on my level
step your game up
Marcus that girl i see you hooked up wit is hurt man and as broke beezy, you can do better than that, get off em broke youngins mayne...
by 510Obie May 31, 2006
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oh my! look at that bitch ass pussy over there. she said I could do better 🤔
you could do better: hating ass female
by sano ! January 12, 2022
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Usually an annoying way of saying, "your partner does not meet my standards of money and beauty which is more important than your opinion of your partner." These people can usually go fuck themselves. You should let them know to do so as well.
*At the company party*
Mary (or Drake) whatever: "OMG, Joe you've been talking about your new girlfriend for a month now and I was so excited! I thought she'd be more..*glances*... I think you could do better."
Joseph: "How about you go fuck yourself Mary you dumb-ass cunt. You don't know shit about shit and I hope you lose your custody battle. I'm not embarrassed of her and I shouldn't be embarrassed of her. She's great and she's a perfect fit for me and the only one who has the authority to decide that IS ME. My relationship doesn't depend on your validation as none should. Shut the fuck up Mary ( or Drake ), jesus christ"
by Preferably Not December 13, 2018
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Try again sucka!

Hot way of telling someone their idea sucked.
Stan - Thinkin about this new T.I.?

Biff - You can do better than that - grab that Pitbull shit!
by chrisking5150 December 3, 2010
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