5 definitions by Saruhbear

(n.) Homosapien is synonym of homosexual and is commonly used by teenagers addressing a member of the gay community.
We went into Hot Topic and Lois gave all of her change to the homosapien behind the counter. Later, Saruh admitted that homosapien was almost as hot as her.
by Saruhbear August 27, 2008
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Of British orgin, meaning to throw up in one's mouth.
Person 1: Oh my gawd that was so gross!
Person 2: That made me gip.
by Saruhbear August 27, 2008
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(n.) A warm heaping stream of MASTURBATION! :D

2. A mean thing to call someone you don't like.

See masturbation.
Dude, he shot a creamcake my mouth when we were having oral!

2. You fucking creamcake! Go rot in a sack!
by Saruhbear August 27, 2008
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(v.) To show great approval of, stalk, swarm over an/or drool at.

2. To attempt to acquire something or make conversation about acquiring it
The chavs can be seen twokking from the Jewelry counter.
by Saruhbear August 26, 2008
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(adj.) Typically used on the internet to mean either really or a great quanity of.
I was uber surprised when my dog tried to eat me in my sleep this morning.
by Saruhbear August 27, 2008
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