"Can I use that Twok? How well done is my beef."
by Solester March 30, 2021
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The action of twerking and walking at the same time. Mainly done on the side walk of roads, an interpreter would put his or her head down between his legs and start walking and twerking, and the head would be down to see where he or she is going.
Jim: "I hope Miley Cyrus doesn't start twokking too."
John "Dear God no. We can only hope"
by Pootispenser June 8, 2014
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Idiot who wears sports labels etc., goes round stealing things or claiming to to make him or herself look cool. As a general rule is part of an inbred tribe, usually of a white working class background. Spineless idiot that only attacks in packs, usually only attacking those that are different. Legendary quotes include "Where you callingmy pint a poof", "'Ere, are you a goff" "We don't like people like yuo round 'ere" "Ere, lend us some bus fare, mate"AKA Chav, Scallie, Trendy etc. You know the type. They're the majority that end up working Maccie D's 9-5 in order to feed their children that they had age 12. Often dating (read as screwing) Chip Fat Chibs, the sort of bottom feeding female that chews gum all the time and wears a shell suit caked in cider-vomit.
Check out that twok. Hasn't he had about 20 fag breaks today? Sure has Bob. Better fire him.
by Xanmato October 6, 2004
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to twok something is to steal, as in taking without owners consent. Dont you fucking retards know anything?
That fuckin Cunt twoked my car.
by Captain Planet February 24, 2004
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Twerking while walking at the same time!
Did you see Deano twokking at McDonalds ....Hes such a chav!
by shjordan March 17, 2014
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A two-pronged meat serving fork
He used a twok and a knife to carve the turkey
by Motang May 2, 2003
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Adj. Very strong. Usually used to describe a person but can also describe the alcoholic content of a drink.
"I wouldn't mess with him, he's well twok"

"That drink is proper twok"
by Kingjellybean October 3, 2004
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