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London police jargon for "Taking and Driving Away" aka stealing a car/automobile.
Dizzee Rascal: "Go ahead check my files all day/Bit of criminal damage and T-D-A/Might be a little bit of violent disorder/But I aint never been locked away"
by Task3G November 30, 2004
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Twitter Display Of Affection

When two people that you follow on twitter will not even try to hide their ~love for one another, causing you, and everyone that is following them to have the urge to yell "HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF DIRECT MESSAGES, GOOD LORD."
@skaterboy101 i love you bb, you're so far away!
@skatergirl102 oooh baby, i miss you too. TWO MORE HOURS, BB AND WE WILL BE TOGETHER.

skateboy101 i miss you, i need you in my arms; together we are INVINCIBLE
skateboy101 even though we're miles, and miles apart, you're still holding on to my heart; promise it'll never be dark, i know we're inseparable

--someone logs onto twitter, and sees this blasphemy--

"What the fuck, can they STOP with the TDA, jesus christ this is unbearable."
by clumsyheart June 28, 2009
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A very crucial abbreviation and followed by only the wisest and most respectable of the students. It was first introduced by the LEGENDARY duo Brassington and Walls (myself) around the year 2016 and stands for TRUST, DISCIPLINE and ASPIRATION.

It revolutionalised life for many of the pupils including Manjil Pun, for who it gave the edge he needed to pass his exams.

However one must note that even if you follow the TDA acronym with every inch of your being your being your still gonna flop if you don't tuck your shirt in and you're probably gonna get fucked my Mr Aktar aswell.
Janas - "You heard Manjil had his shirt untucked, he's probably going to fail his exams"
Ismail- " Nah he has great (TDA) Trust, Discipline and Aspiration, he'll probably pass"
by TheREALGeoffWalls January 01, 2019
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Terminal Drag Ass - lazy, asleep on the job, tired, lethargic, slacker

Antonyms diligent, energetic, hard-working, industrious, lively
He had such a bad case of TDA he hardly did any work.
by Aard Lee February 11, 2013
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The Dark Age (TDA) is a highly adictive MMORPG for all ages. Based off the MMORPG called tibia, TDA is working to make its self a true one of the kind MMO. TDA is also often mistaken for OTserv, a Tibia emulator thats been around for manny years.
TDA, not an OTserv server
by DeathfireD December 22, 2005
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