A health or medical condition, such as diarrhea, constipation, or heavy menstrual flow, that is left unspecified so as to avoid a response of "TMI!!!" (too much information)
employee: I'm sorry, I can't come in today, I've got the TMI's

boss: the TMI's?

employee: I've got horrible diarrhea, in fact I completely shit the bed last night

boss: TMI!!!
by snookity August 21, 2010
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TactlessL7: Man, I just took the messiest S**t of my life... And that is saying something!

Grlygrl: Um. TMI+

**GRLYTGRL has logged off**

TaclessL7: Hey... Wha'd I say?
by ETDeuce November 24, 2007
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TMI: Too much information. I used to say don't go there but that's just lame.
Dwight: "Mine are at home in a display case above my bed."
Michael: "Yeegghhhh. TMI. TMI, my friend."
by word is bond December 05, 2006
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tmi is when someone says something you didn't need or want to know:

1. freakin wierd
2. unneccesary
Max:I jiz blood
Cleetus: TMI!
by Bk April 19, 2005
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An absolute overload of TMI, also known as Too Much Information, sometimes coming from one person but usually from two or more. Generally what is known as ordinary TMI develops into a TMI Fest when the victim of Too Much Information is forced to be in close quarters or within earshot of those who are sharing things that, really, you could have lived without knowing about. An example of such a place would be a bus (or any form of public transportation), a lunch table, a noisy classroom, etc. There is no way to get away from the excessive amount of inappropriate and disturbing statements coming at them from all directions, and so they become bombarded with TMI as a result.
Person 1: I had the worst bus ride today... The girl behind me started talking to her friend about her horrendous PMS. Then the Stinky Scene kids sitting in the seats around me all started discussing drug use and their frequent made-up sexual encounters with one another.

Person 2: Ouch. Glad to see you pulled through that.
Person 1: I'm surprised I did. It was a regular TMI Fest.
by Lyosha September 11, 2009
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