Too Much Information - way more than you need/want to know about someone.
John: I have mad chafing on my balls.
Frank: uh, TMI
by DocGonzo October 9, 2002
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When someone tells you too much shit.
Matt: I'm pooping, call or text when you get here and I'll run down.

Matt's wife: TMI, you sick fuck.
by SwiftyDefines April 7, 2015
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Information more personal than anyone wants, or needs, to know. A common problem on the Internet.
Person 1: I take this drug to help me sleep.

Person 2: Same here. It makes me drowsy.

Person 3: A friend of our family's son died from that drug. He had sleep apnea and he took a pill. He stopped breathing in the night and died. Worst part was, he was left in his house alone for 2 days and his dogs chewed his lips off.

Person 1: Holy sh-

Person 2: Uh, TMI there...
by Scubatuba November 20, 2009
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Girl: Like, the quarterback and I ...
Me: TMI, damn it !
Girl: We started to fool around behind the bleachers ...
Me: TMI, god, TMI !
Girl: And we went to third base, and then ...
Me: TMI, make it stop ! Hey, who are you anyways ?
by army_azn May 30, 2005
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Wank Time”
Joe that’s too much information
“Joe you are the definition of TMI”
by Val1234 February 17, 2021
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Someone gets little bit too much into something and you say can say TMI.
Someone says you should read TMI.
by Littlle potato November 24, 2018
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