Contrary to popular belief, this stands for Too Much Information, but the meaning is not the same. It actually means 'I cannot handle what you just told me, and it took me off guard, because I am too {prude/insecure/jealous/lame/dumb/close-minded} to be ok with you saying it.' There are actual instances of TMI that occur, but this definition rarely lies in the eye of the beholder, because usually that person just 'Can't handle the truth!!'
Guy 1: I slept with Chick 2 the other night.
Chick 1: OMG TMI!! I can't believe you told me that.
Guy 1: That's not're just jealous or surprised because you didn't think I could score with Chick 2.
Chick 1: Nu uh, you just shouldn't share things like that.
Guy 1: You just told me you slept with Guy 2 the other day.
Chick 1: ...that's different...cause....
Guy 1: Case in point.
by JambaJews November 27, 2009
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TMI- it stands for Tickle My Insides.

A female might often say this on the bed seductively to get her partner or man for the night to get aroused and readied up. Or you could just say it to gross someone out.
Geoffrey- *gets out of shower*
Jane- Ohh Geoffreyyyy, you know I've been waiting for you to TMI.
Geoffrey- Too Much Information? What?
Jane- No silly, Tickle My Insides.
Geoffrey- Oh. Well now I'm losing my boner. Oh well, Dicks out for Harambe I guess.
by Boku No Rico September 05, 2016
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Too Much Incest. When you had a considerable amount of incest on a particular time period.
Citizen of Thebes: Hey Oedipus, hooked up with any girl lately?
Oedipus: My mom and I spent a weekend fucking each other.
Citizen of Thebes: Wow that's just TMI...
by Stef32 October 17, 2018
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Female co-worker: "I broke up with live-in boyfriend. So, I went out and bought new sheets and towels. I also bought new underwear.'

Me: TMI!
by briloop March 25, 2010
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abreviation of to much information
omg look at her thats wayyyyy TMI
by sweetsuga17 August 04, 2006
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Touch My Intestine.

Self explanatory; can be used to throw people off guard in conversations and will bring instant humour/worry at the thought of you wanting to touch their intestine.
Becky: HAHA TMI!
Kieran: Tickling my insides?
Becky: No, touch my intestine!!

Kieran: WTF.
by Kierantmi July 27, 2010
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Stand for "Totally Masturbatable Information" thereby turning your embarassing moment into a much satisfying one.
Sam "Hey Joe, I think I have some feces on the back of ma pants."

Joe "TMI, man"

Sam "You sick fuck...wanna eat it off my rock hard bubble butt"

by Captain Duder January 16, 2009
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