The act of holding up the palm of your hand and spreading out all five fingers, while placing your other hand in the center of the opposite palm with fingers spread, with your thumb sticking straight up resembling a turkey. To explain in hand motion, when someone has given you Too Much Information.
Tom: Hey Jane, I just took the biggest dump ever!
Jane: (TMI TURKEY) WoW, Tom, um... thanks?
by Joshua Nelson March 06, 2007
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Tmi Tuesday is an event on Tumblr that occurs every Tuesday. People either ask you really personal questions and you answer them, or you say something about yourself that is really personal.
Girl: It's tmi tuesday! Let me see what tmi's I have today.

"What is your biggest turn on?" - anonymous

Girl: Oh Tumblr, how I love you.
by TrainTrackVeins July 31, 2010
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A reference to some bit of incredibly personal information that is intensively calibrated to thoroughly fuck the minds of the user's audience.
Person #1: "Getting any baby-urges yet?"
Person #2: "Ugh, NO. My uterus just curled up on itself like a millipede."
Person #2's Lover: "Is that the thing you were doing last night, with your Kegel muscles?"
Person #1: Jesus CHRIST you're like a goddamn Predator drone. You wait for (her) to set you up, and then you come in from outta nowhere and drop a fuckin' tactical TMI on my head.
by Tweedletilde May 27, 2010
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Meister of TMI ( too much information)

Someone who constantly shares too much information about every aspect of their life. And/or someone who updates their status on social media with their actions or whereabouts all day long.
Jenny is a TMI-ster, did you get her text about eating too many hard boiled eggs and getting the runs...

You might be a TMI-steer if your Facebook Status looks something like " woke up at 5 am, did 50 squats, ate an egg white omelette with spinich, arugula and chia seeds, now headed to the gym to work on my glutes..."
by RedHandedJill84 April 01, 2016
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"Too Much Information; don't read." Similar to tl:dr, except that it doesn't have to be long.
LJ post: "I had a sex dream last night. TMI;dr."
by Hexeengel May 04, 2010
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TMI(too much information) statement that causes extreme discomfort to all hearers.
can be related to a tactical nuke of unwanted information
"JESUS CHRIST your like a goddamn predator drone. you wait for dora to set you up, and then you come in out of nowhere drop a fuckin' tactical TMI on my head"

number 1672: Unmanned Aerial Marten
questionable content
by QCfan May 25, 2010
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The TMI-Light zone.

When you either willingly or unwillingly drag someone, or get dragged into a conversation where too much information is abundant and scary.
I asked Jerry how his date went on Friday night and before I knew it, he'd dragged me into the TMI-light zone.
by Ashtml5 February 18, 2014
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