A subjugated human, that was assigned a serial number at birth.
Bernard: Without a serial number you are the enemy of every state on the Governed Planet

Joe: I disagree, I was taught that Citizen is a good thing

Bernard: Yes its good, citizenship is the fundamental fulcrum of governing humans

Joe: GOD is my savior
by Felix Jabs Arnold August 1, 2018
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A citizen is a laid-back, cool yet ordinary, round the way person. Anybody can be a citizen. It can be substituted with homeboy,homegirl, boo, bro, shorty or dude. It's not used in a romantic way, strictly platonic and casual.
Hey, citizen, let's check out that new joint uptown; I hear they turn up!
by THE FELLAS® August 27, 2017
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A type of men's haircut that is done to make the person look like an upstanding member of the community. The haircut is short, above the ears and off the collar.
Customer: Hey give me a citizen, I got a court date.
Barber: Will do, we'll get you off.
by Joe Iron May 4, 2007
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Someone who automatically believes everything the government or its agents (e.g. the media) say. A synonym for a blind patriot. Someone who's programmed to be spoonfed and happily munch on the government's bullshit and doesn't know it--in fact, has grown to like it.
If you believe the government's official story of 9/11, you're more than likely a citizen.

If you've ever said things like "C'mon, why would the FBI make that up?" you're more than likely a citizen.
by salahudeen June 26, 2010
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Car slang for a person who has good credit and can finance a vehicle,

opposite of a credit criminal.

Also can refer to a person who has enough money to pay cash for a new vehicle.
Bill Gates citizen:
Homeless person Credit Criminal

(Sales manager)Lets go, buddy you"ve got your self a citizen.
(Sales Person) About time all I've been getting is creep's weirdo's and stroker's
by parker19777 January 20, 2009
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Referring to any positive, seemingly good natured person.
'Thank you homie! You're a citizen !'
by peppapig604 September 26, 2017
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Another word for Pubbie which gets mauled by forum moderators for no reason.
Oh look there's a "citizen"
by Ash Sperger February 17, 2015
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