An expression of exasperation and disgust when a person is divulging personal details of his sex life, toilet habits, or anything the listener finds disgusting, uninteresting, and unwelcome.
"I'm still dating Susie, but her vagina has a foul odor. Still we made love three times last night, and once I let her go on top."
"Too much information!"
by Erik Ritter November 18, 2007
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Refers to an "extreme" level of grossly over-sharing personal/graphic/disgusting details --- it would read, "", an acronym which stands for "Way, Way, Wayyyyy Too Much Information; Come On, Man!"
Stud #1: I got my first blowjob while taking a crap on my girlfriend's toilet. It was awesome, and I found that it even helped me to poop more easily.
\Stud #2: Eeeeyewwww---- "Internet address" degree of too much information!
by QuacksO July 30, 2018
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