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The utilization of the phrase varies by country.

1. (American) Failure of a device, usually in a non-repairable manner.
2. (British) Exclamation of surprised.

1. "My car shit the bed when the timing belt broke."
2. "The boss is back from vacation early!" "Shit the bed."
by Peri March 23, 2006
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1) Making a mistake that many other people recognize as a mistake.
2) Fucking up...really bad
Jeff shit the bed when he hooked up with Marty instead of Ashlea.
by J April 09, 2003
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A sudden and complete failure or collapse producing a profoundly negative result.
The Canadian 2011 Junior hockey team shit the bed in the third period against the Russians.
by jrott January 06, 2011
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When something goes horribly wrong, or mechanically or electronically dies.
"I hate my Samsung. I only had it a week before it shit the bed. I'm getting an iPhone."
When seeing the blue screen of death on your laptop: "Fuck! My computer just shit the bed!"
The lawnmower sputters to a stop in the middle of the yard. "There she goes--damn lawnmower just shit the bed.
After a disastrous first date: "Billy cooked for that hot girl on their first date. Talk about shitting the bed.
by Ms. Awful May 21, 2015
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1. verb. To die

2. verb. To become mechanically inoperable beyond the point of repair. See also, fucked, fubar.

entymology and usage: "shit the bed" comes from the unfortunate final humiliation when an animal's (yes, including human's) bowels completely relax at the point of death, causing the contents of the colon to be expelled. To use the term as a "euphamism" for biological death is considered to be in poor taste. It is more often colorfully used in definition 2.
1. That asshole Mr Jones never had a good word to say to anyone. At his funeral, the few attendees were secretly glad that he had shit the bed.

2. I was hoping that my car could be repaired, but the mechanic told me that it had shit the bed so I had it scrapped.
by Marc February 25, 2004
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