1) Making a mistake that many other people recognize as a mistake.
2) Fucking up...really bad
Jeff shit the bed when he hooked up with Marty instead of Ashlea.
by J April 9, 2003
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The utilization of the phrase varies by country.

1. (American) Failure of a device, usually in a non-repairable manner.
2. (British) Exclamation of surprised.

1. "My car shit the bed when the timing belt broke."
2. "The boss is back from vacation early!" "Shit the bed."
by Peri March 23, 2006
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1. verb. To die

2. verb. To become mechanically inoperable beyond the point of repair. See also, fucked, fubar.

entymology and usage: "shit the bed" comes from the unfortunate final humiliation when an animal's (yes, including human's) bowels completely relax at the point of death, causing the contents of the colon to be expelled. To use the term as a "euphamism" for biological death is considered to be in poor taste. It is more often colorfully used in definition 2.
1. That asshole Mr Jones never had a good word to say to anyone. At his funeral, the few attendees were secretly glad that he had shit the bed.

2. I was hoping that my car could be repaired, but the mechanic told me that it had shit the bed so I had it scrapped.
by Marc February 25, 2004
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Jim: What happened to the 5-0 Vikings?
Martin: They shit the bed so hard this year.
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Totally dropping the ball. Not coming through on something.
When Mike didn't show up for practice, he totally shit the bed on the rest of the band members.
by Glen W. June 9, 2005
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shit the bed means to let a turd slip out your ass after you've been butt-fucked by a dude and didn't douche before.
My boyfried fucked me in the ass, and I shit the bed -- he made me eat the turd!
by USAF Cadet October 12, 2020
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When something just goes wrong...really, really wrong.

"'Shyte' the bed" in limey.
1) Sorry I was late. My car just shit the bed on the way over.
2) If your friends shit the bed and don't get us out of Harlem in the Klan costumes...
3) Last night I thought I had to fart, but I shit the bed instead.

Use "Shyte" the bed" if you're limey.
by Tenacious Faulker May 2, 2008
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