A musical group from New Jersey that broke up on March 22nd, 2013.
by d1nuslamb2.o November 6, 2017
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Spreading a certain imaginational thought to others.
Jeff had an imaginational thought and told Anna and it spread to others so now it is called an idea.
by Urbandiesalpotion July 10, 2014
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Iam "Now, my question is how exactly are you seeing any of this? Because, as I've said before, I no longer have access to the vote tab on this site. I haven't checked but I doubt that all of these are getting published. You could be checking my username but you would miss the unpublished ones if that was the case. I did suspected that someone had access to my email but I could be wrong. You have to understand how disconcerting this all is for me. The idea that all of this has been compiled by someone and you have access to it is also unsettling. And to what end? Do you have an endgame here? Because I didn't. I mean, this started out as just something I did to kill time to a hostile and reactionary response to the people around me alluding to the fact that they had read the things I wrote. From there it turned into a compilation of information that I considered important and then it distilled into a character I used to muse on various thing and in-between all that and throughout a means for antagonizing the people around me who I was convinced had lied to me about the nature of the place that I was in and that were childishly withholding actionable information to shield themselves from my scorn. It's a bizarre thing. I don't think anyone else has ever done what I've done here. I honestly would have preferred that the people around me had just been honest in the first place but I guess this will do..."
by Hym Iam May 27, 2022
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Do you have any idea how much I miss you?
Spending every minute just wanting to kiss you..

The longer we're apart the deeper I go into the blue
I just wish that I was sure.. you feel this love like I do

I think non stop of you.. and all the things that I await..
Till the hands of time set us free.. and finally reveal our fate

I've said it before.. you have no idea..

I'm not sure how to explain.. I need to make sure I'm clear

Honestly, I can't wait.. to truly.. blow your mind..
Our senses.. thoughts.. and everything else.. I need them intertwined..

The passion you've awoke in me.. it truly knows no end..

I want to fix this broken heart, something only you can mend

It's not just love.. and lust I have.. we can be lovers.. and also friends
I want to be.. your everything.. until the very end

I know.. it's you, my love..

I've felt it for quite some time..

So tell me.. how long will it be..
Till I can finally call you mine?
Even though I can't act on them.. I have so many ideas :(
If there's some way.. to hold you for just 1 minute..

I'd give ANYTHING to have you here

I ache.. to talk to you.. have your hand in mine.. lift you up and see that smile..

I have so much to show you.. the fire I can't control
I need your brilliant eyes.. to meet with mine again
Be safe, my love.. remember.. you make me whole..
I want to share this life with you.. and I MISS YOU..
Until then
by 4_u October 2, 2023
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usually something stupid that pops into your head right before you get hurt.
dad: whose stupid fucking idea was this?
son: fuck if I know
by OG April 1, 2004
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a thought, plan, notion, anything that is conjured up in the brain and sometimes put into action and/or shared with the rest of the crowd.
when you get an idea the lightbulb over your head turns on and glows a pretty yellow
by etchasketch January 7, 2004
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The effect of not having any clue of what is going on, or what is happening. May also be a reference to inquire one's ability to think.
by The Cynical One March 21, 2009
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