Having sex with members of ones own family.
Incest, the game the whole family can play.
by JJ July 30, 2003
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Lisa: Tommy do you know what incest in

Tommy: no

Lisa: It's how we keep the genes in our family
by Luminiteplayz 69 March 27, 2020
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To engage in sexual activities with one who is of blood relations.
n|p inserted his penis into his sister's vagina.
by Doug July 23, 2002
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Science teacher looking at the kid from Alabama everyone from Alabama is incest

Alabama kid: it was only once
by Alabama=Incest23 October 16, 2019
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When two family members of the opposite gender have sex, resulting in the creation of a tyrant.

When you do it with your sibling of the opposite gender, your child will most certainly become a tyrant or live a life of suffering. Adolf Hitler was inbred, his dad fucked his niece, resulting in an incarnation of evil. Caillou is also inbred, he screams constantly at the littlest things and is just a general bitch, I mean why the fuck else would his parents names rhyme? If you do it with your cousin, there`s only a 50% chance it will be a piece of shit. Porn always features incest, somehow people find it hot, therefore, it is the fault of the porn industry that incest has become ever more prevalent! Even the bible (the biggest piece of horse shit in the galaxy) is against inbreeding!
Kevin: Oh god! What are Jack and Ellen doing in there? They`re siblings!
*Kevin bursts the door open*
Jack: Kevin, what the fuck? We were having sex!!
Kevin: I`ll tell you what the fuck, you guys are doing incest!
Ellen: So?
Jack: Yeah, people do it in porn, so it`s perfectly fine!
Kevin: You trust that shit?
Jack: Yes, of course I do!
*Jack and Ellen keep fucking each other*
Jack: I`m cumming! Uuuuuuuuuuuuunnhhhh!!!
*9 months later*
Ellen: Let`s name him..... Caillou...

*Disclaimer: I do not condone incest or inbreeding, inbreeding can be very dangerous for you and the child, you don`t want your child to become like Hitler or Caillou after all.
by JustAnotherSickFuckOnUrbanDic January 17, 2021
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When an individual has hardcore sexual intercourse with his/her own family member(s).
Adam committed incest with his sister last night.
by Travman November 13, 2002
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