A highly-intelligent entity that resembles a cowboy and comes from an unknown place(possibly Texas). Usually spotted being overweight, wearing a cowboy hat and blue overalls and occasionally making jokes aboutFortnite and Epic Games. Some say this is a lost sibling of AlbertsStuff.
Fanboy: Oh man look it's Cleetus!!!
by Ennard The Cringy Roleplayer October 17, 2018
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The godliest entity on roblox, created by flamingo. Is most seen using the penguin body with normal limbs, wearing a cowboy hat and overalls with no undershirt.
Has a son named Cleetus but he died in a pigeon hunting accident.
Comment on Flamingo's video: Cleetus's hat was epicly stolen.
by 11DefinitelyNOTContentX09 March 9, 2019
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Cleetus is a nice fat ROBLOX countryman, introduced by AlbertsStuff, on August 1st of 2018. Now he uses Cleetus as the avatar of his main account, mrflimflam, with his YouTube channel, which is named Flamingo. Cleetus has a silly face and a cowboy hat, with a big stomach and blue overalls.
There's this new sort of Piggy game based on Cleetus.
by Andreski May 19, 2020
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A person who is one of your run-of-the-mill hicks but occasionally likes to fuck alligators
Bro, you are literally being a straight up cleetus.
by cringycow1533 March 27, 2020
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A severely inbred prick who abuses.
Yo did you see how Cleetus unbanned that Standford last night? Some abusive shit

Dont you think the worst staff member is Cleetus?
by CGC_Keitho December 2, 2018
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A human like creature with no known gender. Can be found wearing a scrum cap, a small pony tail sticking out the top, and a shirt reading "free rHUGS"

by free rHUGS October 23, 2011
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The lack of male and/or female genitalia, when one instead has a blank space, where you can write your name.
Guy #1- "Bro, your cleetus is showing."
Guy#2- "So? It's not like there's anything down there."
by Drewcifer1124 July 21, 2015
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