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You will love her just as she is, but she won't see herself as you do.
She shouldn't try so hard to be perfect,
Trust me, perfect should try be more like HER!
When you see Katherine for the first will know beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no other that will ever compare or measure up.
by NewTina August 08, 2017
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A wonderful girl with the heart of gold. She is an angel but claims not to be perfect. She loves to party with her friends. Nothing will stop her from smiling and enjoying her time with the people she enjoys to be around. She is caring and will always help the ones who require it. She can forgive her enemies but never forget what they did. Katherine laughs about little things but it's good because her smile is her best feature. Katherine will be the love of your life the moment you lay eyes on her. But don't try to be cocky or a "fuck boy" when you are near her, or she will cutt you off quickly.

Katherine is very passionate and loving when it comes to someone she loves. She shows much romance and affection and expects the sake back. She will write long paragraphs and scenarios of how much she loves her mate. It's hard to be Katherine's lover because of the amount of times she has been used and hurt for her appearance and not what's on her inside. But when you do get a chance to be with her, always remember to keep her happy! It's what she deserves! she will devote her heart and her life to the one she loves! That's just how perfect she is!
Boy do I love katherine! How could Trever ever hurt someone so perfect?!
by Killerxchaos May 28, 2015
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Very caring to the people close to her. Not very big on popularity or big group of friends. Very quiet around people but when with friends she is very wild. Beautiful but feels insecure about herself. She might be cute but don't let it fool you. Provoke a Katherine and u are in deep trouble. The things she might say when angry can be very harsh. Her sentences are short but have a million meanings. A Katherine is a friend everyone needs. She is willing to open up to you if you open up to her, also very fulfilling to her promises. A very honest person, and fun to be around.
Person 1: where can I get a Katherine!??
Person 2: A Katherine is very rare. She's one of a kind.
by Anonymowriter April 11, 2017
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When you meet a Katherine never let her go. Katherine is such an amazing person. Once you meet her, you'll instantly fall in love with her. Although she's very insecure about herslelf, she tries to make the people around her think the best of themsleves. She had been through alot so try your best to keep her happy. If you ever leave her, you'll regret it from the rest of your life. No matter what she does she'll always make her laugh. She's the most gorgeous and most perfect girl you will ever meet. She's extremely loyal and only has eyes for one man and one man only. She's a bitch at times but only if you trigger her so don't mess with her.
Jimmy: I'm so lucky to call Katherine mine.
by Jcosxiwkjwfjw July 23, 2016
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A beautiful and perfect woman who makes everyone happy and can radiate happiness from the moment she walks into a room. She can be the most loving person in the world and can make you feel like you're the most special person in the world. She can be the most romantic woman and can even go beyond romance if she wishes. She is passionate and loves to take care of her significant other. Do not let her go for she is the most perfect thing to happen to your life,
I love being with Katherine
by zcrasher64 November 22, 2014
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Katherine may seem shy at first but as you get to know her you'll realize what a good person she is.katherine is a sexy,confident person and doesn't let anyone put her down she is independent but all she waits is someone to depend on.katherine is fun and outgoing,she is weird,she gets bored easily but all that means is that she is unique.katherine is a person who has style but like is it comfy she has curves and she is thick but she has booty that will make you drop.
My girl is Katherine
by Idekanymoregosh January 14, 2015
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The most amazing friend anyone could ever ask for. She's always there when you need her and even when you don't. Anybody in this world would be lucky to have a Katherine in their life.
Guy1- Do do you know how nice is that girl?
Guy2- Yeah she's such a Katherine.
by DZD91 September 13, 2011
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