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From the Tom Cruise movie of fame, "Top Gun" can be used as a passive-aggressive derogatory term for someone who thinks they're cool, tough, or otherwise competent. It is to be used along the same sarcastic lines as "boss," "chief," "ace," "big guy," "player," etc., except Top Gun is most effective when dealing with someone either in a fast car, or wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses.
"Hey, way to signal there, Top Gun!"
by Shintrizzla December 05, 2003
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The Air Combat Manuvering (ACM) training school for the Navy, used to teach dog fighting. Officially called the Naval Fighters Weapons School, it was based out of Mirimar Naval Air Base in San Diego. In 1996 however, it moved to Fallon Naval Air Station 60 miles out of Reno, Nevada
The movie Top Gun is nothing like the actual school.
by Matt April 01, 2004
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TOPGUN was formerly known officially as the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School, and was established on March 3, 1969 at NAS Miramar, California after a United States Navy report recommended that a graduate-level school be established to train Fleet fighter pilots in air combat tactics to counter the relatively poor air combat performance being experienced by Navy aircrews over Vietnam. The school initially operated the A-4 Skyhawk and F-5 Freedom Fighter to instruct F-4 Phantom II aircrews in dissimilar training, including the first US aces of the Vietnam War, Randy "Duke" Cunningham and Willie Driscoll.

The movie "TOPGUN" made in 1986
by STAR_MANN September 15, 2006
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Having a girl ride your face cowgirl style while simultaneously using your penis as a joystick. Be sure to have "Highway to the Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins playing in the background for the full effect.
I wanted to play top gun with my girl the other night but she totally shot me down because apparently the pattern was full.
by silentpaul July 25, 2011
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Old school Nintendo game. Known for the level where you would have to try and refuel the plane to no avail. Should you somehow pass this level, you would then have to try and land the damn plane on the Carrier.
"I just refueled the plane! Time to restart"
"*awed silence*"
by BWaldo May 02, 2005
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-Verb. Jargon based on the behavior of the characters in the movie Top Gun, to pwn in a form that is unquestionably awesome, which leads to doubtless trust of your skills from your peers. In simpler terms, to make an object/person your bitch.

-Noun. One who topguns.
Guy1: Dude, i totally topgunned that test. I made that test my bitch.

Guy2: Shit, im definitely copying you next time. You are topgun, man.


Guy1: I topgunned her ass last night.
Guy2: No wonder shes walking like broken down whore.
by TopGunOriginal May 04, 2009
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