From the Tom Cruise movie of fame, "Top Gun" can be used as a passive-aggressive derogatory term for someone who thinks they're cool, tough, or otherwise competent. It is to be used along the same sarcastic lines as "boss," "chief," "ace," "big guy," "player," etc., except Top Gun is most effective when dealing with someone either in a fast car, or wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses.
"Hey, way to signal there, Top Gun!"
by Shintrizzla December 5, 2003
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The world's longest, most expensive air force advertisement.
The Military Industrial Complex often uses action films, like Top Gun, to con our children into joining the military.
by Bruckheimer July 23, 2011
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Meaning truly great and cool. A superlative to be used when something goes beyond the exceptional.
That's Top Gun, baby.
I am having a Top Gun Sunday.
You're Top Gun in my book.
You went Top Gun on his ass.
by Heliomaster December 8, 2014
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To have sex with a woman, usually while intoxicated. Used as a noun, naming a location where only a select few guys go after a party. To achieve top gun status, vaginal penetration must be made. All other sexual acts count merely as "flight school" which in time may lead to top gun status.
Ace: Hey man, did you wind up hooking up with that chick from the party last night?
Rellie: Hell yeah man! I went all the way to top gun!
by $Rellie$ March 21, 2008
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1. A manly man film, where manly man men do manly man things with each other. Staring Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer being...well, gay. This film was made in the 80's and is about fighter pilots fighting in war. A very manly thing to do but, a little too manly as it has huge overtones of homosexuality that have been spoken about since the films release. Tarantino has made reference to these overtones before and, as such has popularised the theory a bit more. This film also has one of the most sexy scenes in film history...if you are a fag, or a woman. Men in Speedos playing vollyball. Hmm, where did all these gay theorys come from...I wonder.

2. When two guys sit down and give each other a hand job. Their other hand may then be used to tickle the balls.
I wonder where this act got it's name from...Hmm?
This one time I saw a small child sucking off this old man in the park and then the man came all over the little boys face who licked it all off and swallowed it, and that was the gayest thing I ever saw until I watched Top Gun.
by Pimp-Master J June 7, 2006
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A great film about Naval Aviators made in 1985 and released in the early summer of 1986. Starring Tom Cruise as Maverick. Some (easily-led) people, support the Tarantino-fuelled idea that this film has a gay subplot, but this is total shit.Just watch it and enjoy it, its no masterpiece in terms of screen-writing but it embodies what made the 1980's a great decade.
Top Gun is a great film from 1986
by Maverick Corleone May 28, 2006
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When you were banging a girl doggy style and put a dildo in her butt and a controlling her like you're flying a jet fighter referencing the movie "top gun"
"Yo I was banging this girl doggy style last night and stuck a dildo in your butt hole and start a riding her like a fighter jet straight up gave her a "top gun"
by StraightBusiness January 26, 2015
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