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1. To help someone with an act of kindness, only to then seduce the other party into having sexual relations with you.

2. To suggest that you're about to help an individual to seduce them into having sexual relations.
"Jessica from math class asked me to help her with homework last night. SWONK!!"
"Check that girl out over there looking at books. I'm gonna go help her out. SWONK!!"
by KingTrav June 27, 2018
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To drink an alcoholic beverage with the intention of becoming intoxicated.
"Coming for a swonk up the boozer later Kevin? We're going to get swonked."
by kenturamon April 27, 2009
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verb: the act of swonking
adj: to be a swonker
noun: get off my swonk
Get all yous swonk off me!
by Will December 26, 2003
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