A sarcastic expression used to poke fun at a person who is presented with multiple good options and instead elects to go outside the box and make the worst decision possible.
John was running late to work and looked outside his driveway to decided which form of transportation he should take to the office. Parked in front of his house lay two cars, a van, and a RV. He choose to drive the RV and was obviously unable to find parking, NO CHOICE!
by Playboy Kitty May 14, 2014
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originally spoken in new zealand, is used as a pun at the way new zealnders speak. used as description of something you think is good.
"that jacket your wearing is choice."
by Vaughan Bones June 22, 2007
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fine, fly, select, butter, hot shit, cream of the crop, brillint, tight, hot, preferred, desirable, best, in
Flexin' choice gear.
(Flaunting as dressed in the latest in fashion and apparal.)
by Busta Crevice March 14, 2005
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a word to describe a favorable situation; describing something enjoyable; top-notch; of utmost quality
Yo, those shoes are mad choice, too bad i'm flat out broke.
by E-Ska November 28, 2006
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A commonly used term in the lgbtq+ community making fun of dumb heteros who think being gay is a choice. Usually used when someone does something that they couldn’t control.
You seriously bumped into him?! That’s a choice!
by IAmTheGayAgenda May 1, 2019
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an alternative action or possibility
I always choose to do what I think is best, therefore I don't really have a choice at all.
by yorrick hunt January 15, 2008
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