Used when you find something funny, stupid, dumb, or coincidental. Can be used in pretty much any scenario.
John: "Mannn, look at what I just sent you"
Peter: "Mannn, what is it?"
John: "It's a funny tiktok that relates to you"
Peter: "Mannnnn"
by manmannn January 21, 2021
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Something you say When u do some dumb shit or fuck up. The extra n’s because u trying to be dramatic.
I asked my man for a word to define and he said “mannn
by 🙄🙃🙃🙃🙃 December 25, 2018
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Me:You know jay dang go out with stinky girl.
You: Mannnn 🤣
by JJS from Henderson tx February 11, 2021
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Holy shit, this is pathetic and I can’t believe this is where we’re at
Just grabbed two ramens and a 40 at 7/11. My sister’s fam is at Perry’s steakhouse. Mannn
by Ohheyguys1985 July 21, 2022
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