The act of putting your penis inside a woman's anus then gathering all her limbs together and spinning her like a steering wheel
I bent over Becca last night and gave her the "steering wheel" so good
by Black popcorn December 20, 2016
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The act of being the third wheel of a couple, but you're the one driving - basically acting as their chauffeur or designated driver.
Hey man, I gotta go. I promised I would take my buddy and his girl to the airport.

Ight, that's all good.

Nah dude, my buddy's cool - but I hate being there with his girlfriend. It's like she hasn't grasped the concept of not interrupting every word out of our mouths. I hate being their steering wheel.
by PYSHINATOR January 5, 2020
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A person in control of a motor vehicle who is merely going through the motions of driving. Generally unaware of the situation around them, their mind likely not focused on operating the vehicle. Typical symptoms include driving slow in the left lane, tunnel vision, and being on their phone.
This idiot has been going 50 mph in the left lane for the past ten miles, he’s clearly just a steering wheel holder.
by Mikokat92 May 9, 2019
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The uneven tan you receive where your left arm is darker than your right.
Girl, I really need to go to the tanning bed or let someone else drive while I'm the passenger, because I've got a bad case of steering wheel tan.
by Melissa Hupalo July 29, 2008
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A circle of Dutch Rudders (the holding of a man's/boy's wrist as they grip their shaft, and performing the motion of masturbating). A minimum of 8 is required to create a mathmatically correct circular shape. Not to be mistaken for a Circle Jerk, an entirely different act that involves no wrist holding. Avoiding eye contact with anyone else in the Wheel ensures that what you are doing is not in any way homosexual, as there is nothing gay about holding someone's wrist is there?
Brian, Gareth, Soloman, Damian, Terry, Ross, Eggbert and Zachary were bored of pairing together for a Dutch Rudder, so they decided to come together, literally, forming an Albanian Steering Wheel.
by Gloria Specker April 22, 2010
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An example of ridiculous Corporate-Speak. It is a positioning statement used by whoever is in charge to guide the participants of a project towards the desired aim or business goal.

It is a classic example of using three words when one will suffice !
"What's our steering wheel statement for this project/mission/job <delete as appropriate>?"
by Pierre Themeat January 11, 2017
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no driving, automatic transmission driving dumbass,fog lite useing,parking lot speeding ass
they couldn't drive a board up his ass, let alone a real truck, there just steering wheel holders
by mike01trkr January 28, 2012
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