an inconspicuous or under-the-radar way to say stoned or high.
"Yo man let's infused..."

Joey: "Hey, man are you ok?"
Cam: "Hahahaha yeahhhh just infused..."
by GreekGoddesssss November 2, 2010
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Verb. when you drink a infusion/bad tea, like a potion, YOUVE BEEN INFUSIONED.
And to me, it makes a lot of sense
Azra is infusioned. He he drank the infusion that Chell gave him
by sorakasa June 21, 2023
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Infuser is a word used by men who are completely void of all intellegence and honor. Someone who loves to slurp up seman off of other mens chests.
Ken like to Infuser Chuck!
by Slaytanic December 11, 2004
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The ideal, tech-savvy female that one would hope to meet at an online dating site. Trendy, upbeat.
by toolmonkey May 8, 2003
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Copy-cat; self-bragging person;Being an Infusion...
"I want to do everything!"-->I want to be an infusion. "I'm an infusion"I'm the best even though i suck and everyone knows it
by Carl Blackosa April 16, 2003
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