A song performed by Bob Segar. This song was used quite frequently in the past for Chevy's truck commercials.
Like a rock, Standin' arrow straight.
Like a rock, Chargin' from the gate.
Like a rock, Carryin' the weight.
Like a rock.

Like a rock, the sun upon my skin.
Like a rock, hard against the wind.
Like a rock, I see myself again.
Like a rock, oh, like a rock.
by Bammer-D February 19, 2005
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1.when a guy gets a boner or hard-on

2. that really annoying song thats one of the car commericals, but i dont really pay attention so idk wut car it is.
1. Jane was getting Dick hard like a rock.
2. Like a rock, yea-a, like a rock...
by .......... February 4, 2004
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Listening to gossip from a rock. If you believe what a rock says you will believe anything. Having no common sense.
Oliver You are as smart like a rock.
by The sexy beast ox February 4, 2018
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A disgrace to the rock genre. If somone was going to was going to make this song, leave it to the actual rock "stars".
Friend : Hey, Lets make fun of the song "party like a rock star" by making a rock song called "Party like a rap star"!
Me: Sounds cool!
by May825 May 27, 2008
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I'm going to reply to the first post with much more gravity than it probably deserves. Either way, I will reply one "point" at a time.

A. What "sucks" is a subjective judgement, made even more flimsy by the fact that you don't really use any meaningful arguments to back it up.
B. It takes no talent... tell that to the many jazz musicians who have tried to play rock and failed miserably.
C. Not true. Much of rock derived from the blues, which is about as populist as you can get.
D. (not worth a counterargument)
E. This doesn't make sense,
F. Who cares? Personal appearance does not a good art make.
G. Also not true. Wilco, the Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo, Sufjan Stevens, Streetlight Manifesto, Garage A Trois, and many others are making music just as good as anything from the era of classic rock.
H. "90% of all musicions do some sort of drug, illeagle or not, the most famous and best rockers have all died from drugs." Ha! Ha! Ha!
I. Drums require coordination to play. MPCs don't.
J. They haven't ripped jeans since Nirvana, dude.
K. The best music isn't always the most popular, dumbass. Sometimes it requires a modicum of intelligence to understand.
L. Not worth a reply.
M. Actually, most rock musicians are self-taught. And if they do have lessons, once again, so what? Rock is obviously not music for the rich. You don't go to see a rock band in a 3 piece suit, drinking wine.
N. Tell that to Jeff Buckley.
O. Alright, that's kind of a good point.
P. (not worth a reply)
Q. (not worth a reply)
R. Yeah, they do. Nice job.
S. "Guitars are stupid and make stupid noises" - hahahahaha.
T. Shut up.
U. Not worth a reply.
V. If someone spells "sucks" as "sux" they're probably a dumbass.
W. What kind of name is Young Jeezy?
X. Battles have also lead to many shallow artists who are virtuosic but otherwise don't have much to say. Also, art is not a pissing contest.
Y. How many female rappers can you name that aren't famous based on sex appeal? Compare that to Kim Gordon, Joan Jett, Sleater-Kinney, Ani Defranco, Karen O, Neko Case...
Z. Also, fuck you.
26 reasons not to like rock...just... arggghhh.
by Patriotsamiss March 28, 2007
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