Someone that does summer league and goes on social media and posts like they actually are committed to the sport. These people will usually try to pull off many comments and actions that a real swimmer would typically do/ say such as eating excessive amounts of food, shaving, buying tech suits, and having numerous pairs of goggles. These kids haven't broken 30 in their 50 free and don't even look like that's what's going to happen. Most times these kids are unathletic and too lazy to club swim in the winter. These kids have never and will never qualify for the end of season championship.
Swimmer 1: Did you see Bob's Instagram post?

Swimmer 2: Yeah, he's such a fake swimmer.
Swimmer 1: I agree! He hasn't even broken 30 in his 50 free!
Swimmer 2: That's pretty pothetic
by shout out to all my pears July 17, 2015
The guy in Atlas who thinks its cool to have really we looking hair.
There's swimmer again.
by peter baker January 14, 2004
Extremely dry and damaged hair due to continuous exposure to chlorine and extended hours in the pool. Sometimes even green because of the chlorine.
Mike had such bad swimmer's hair that it felt like hay.
by sttdwg January 4, 2008
A circle-shaped tan on a female swimmers back from the swim team suits. Almost impossible to get rid of by natural tanning and almost one of the oddest tan lines.
"Did you see Chelsea in her bikini?" "Yeah her swimmers tan from swim team looked so odd o.O"
by LeniexxLollipop May 30, 2009
When a male doesn't have the ability to have children due to having dead sperm
Don't worry about taking your pill Linda, I can't have kids I've got dead swimmers,
by mitch00uk April 8, 2015
Chlorine in the pool robs your skin of the vitamin E and protective oil leaving your skin really dry and itchy....the other defintion should not co-exist with the same term.
Alex Miranda prevents swimmer's itch by putting vaseline on his epidermis.
by jensyao September 24, 2006
A ritual many male swimmers will have to go through.
The sacrifice being the hair from their body. The swimmer sacrifice is when a male swimmer has to shave his body for an important meet, though it usually is used to refer to when a male swimmer shaves his arms and legs.
Gym Class
Samuel: So that's when I did the lion king to her.
Richard: Holy Shit, what did she think?

Samuel: She was totally fine with it! She laughed!
-They both look over to see another guy with hairless legs-
Richard: What the fuck? Why did he shave his legs? What is he gay?
Samuel: No he's just a swimmer. The swim team has their championship meet tonight. They all shaved down.

Richard: Is it that important?
Samuel: Anything you can do to cut down on drag you do. Its the swimmers sacrifice that every male swimmer must do.
by sheerfire January 19, 2013