Last night I was laying in my bed masturbating.

I finished off with a kleenex full of little swimmers.
by Yahoo! Answers Phil J January 5, 2009
Massive shoulders, triceps, back muscles and upper body strength that are the result of being a swimmer.
Janet: "I was a swimmer in college."

Colleen: "I can tell, you have swimmer shoulders".
by HulkedOutGirl June 8, 2010
(n.) A condition of daydreaming while swimming laps for competitive competition/practice. The tendency of someone to have such a condition while swimming generally reflects their vulnerability of daydreaming and can impair their memory such as not being able to recall how long of a distance they are swimming, what stroke they may be swimming and how long they may need to swim it for. This phenomenon generally occurs more frequently during a longer swim for swimmers at a swimming distance rate of x/y=1/1.5 where x, equal to one, is the average length of the swam distance per a workout or meet and where y, equal to 1.5, is the added distance in which a swimmer may have higher chances of being subject to swimmer's trance. Therefore, if the average distance swam by a swimmer was 200 meters during his/her workout or competition per each time he/she swam again in their workout then swimmer's trance would likely occur more frequently at distances of 300 meters or more. For this reason many long-distance events in a swim meet now have counters in which another person flips a sign with rotating board windows to indicate the number of laps already swum. Usually a solid red square or rectangle is used to indicate that upon reaching the next wall after this flip turn that they should stop swimming and almost eliminates the chances of swimmer's trance affecting a swimmer's time in competition.
Mike suffered from such a bad case of swimmer's trance that he couldn't lead off his lane for practice with concerns that he would forget what they were supposed to be swimming.
by Ohh Baracuda! February 14, 2007
Fecal matter that refuses to be flushed.
We didn't believe him, so we said, "That shit won't flush", "That one's a strong swimmer".
by Georjome March 22, 2008
Dry, highly damaged hair that has been bleached by exessive exposure to sun and chlorine.

See water polo hair
I have really bad swimmer hair during the summer.
by Hey its Brittany August 3, 2006
A person who is part fish. They don't have much time for a social life because they are constantly in the pool training, or outside of the pool, eating.
"Hey do you want to see if Sean can come to the movies?" asked Justin

"No man, he's a competitive swimmer, he won't have time." Replied Oliver.
by Robofish May 13, 2015
An adjective used to describe when a person is much too focused and/or enthusiastic about an activity.
Jake: (starts running in front of everyone on a jog.)
John: Dude, Jake, you're going all intense swimmer on me.
Jessica: Yeah, just chill in the hot tub.
by Alexis and Leona October 3, 2011