Something you put on figuratively when you go to a place with very low quality women for an extended period of time. The goggles change the apparent attractiveness of the women based on a relative scale, sort of like a curve on a test. So if a 6 is the best around, she starts looking like a 10 and a 4 will start looking like a 7 or 8. A girl who at first appears tore up from the floor up will eventually improve to nothing to write home about as the goggles set in. It's an altered state of perception.
When Will first came to UC-Berkeley and saw all the nappy-dreaded hippie beast women the school had to offer, he thought he'd never find anything to beat up. But eventually, after the goggles finally took effect, he found himself bringing home a new swamp donkey every night and loving every minute of it.
by Nick D August 18, 2004
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Any form of glasses or shades.
Those some crazy ass goggles you sportin
by DeC February 11, 2005
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A weird awesome guy with crazy facial hair, who always wears glasses and goggles together..
by zerealoneyo October 15, 2009
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Cumming on a girls (closed) eyes only for a facial.
She didn't want me to bust in her mouth, so I just gave her goggles.
by RapNthuziest May 12, 2008
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Must be used to find wild Piraten, unfortunatly they dont work and do nothing.

Can be found on wild Flootenkarp, but only after finding a Piraten.
My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!
by Flame060 February 17, 2005
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What someone says when they see something grotesque or an extremely ugly person.

Originated from The Simpsons
"Hey Johnny, did you know Rosie O'Donnell starred on Playboy, it's right here"

by .. January 2, 2004
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