The most beautiful, caring, talented, unique girl in the world. She will support you no matter what. She cares for others more than she tends to care for herself. She may lack self-esteem often. She will make an amazing friend. She may keep secrets from you but you must trust her if she says they are personal because she may just be trying to protect you. An outstanding lover who will make a great life partner and will have undying love for you. She is one of the best lovers when making love. Also linked to a famous bloodline of vampires, witches, and possibly mermaids. There is a possibility she is linked to the supernatural Emma and Miranda bond.
Miranda is so beautiful inside and out, I wish she could she that.
by UnknownFacts August 16, 2013
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Miranda is a girl name. A girl who is perfectly imperfect and has an amazing smile. Miranda is a girl who acts happy but has problems of her own that she won’t talk about. She is a amazing friend who cares more about you then she does about herself.
Miranda is a amazing person!
by Miranda2514 January 4, 2018
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Miranda is a girl that is in touch with nature. Whenever she walks by you she sends chills down your spine. She gives you an electric sensation. All the boys want her and even the girls want her. Don't mess with Miranda because if you do she messes with you. She seems sweet on the outside but on the inside no one knows her. Everyone wants to be like her all the girls want to be exactly like her. Everyone especially the girls are jealous of her and her looks. She's a great friend because she makes you laugh she's kind sweet and caring.
Boy 1:My girlfriend's Miranda
Boy 2:She's so hot

Girl 1:Yea she is
Girl 2:I wish I had a Miranda
by Phos101 December 22, 2016
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1.Miranda one of the most loyalist friends

2.they are sweet kind never leave your side when you're mean they won't leave they are the kindest ones out there!
Miranda was at her friends house and came home the happiest she's been.
by MirandasBFFheyblonde June 13, 2019
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A beautiful beautiful girl.. She will always want to help you even if it means hurting her. She cares more than anyone else in the world. Amazing, and almost always happy. When sad, she will need some help and someone with good listening skills. She won't pretend to be anything but herself. She is a person you will always want to be around and hope to be with. She is outgoing, she is just.. in smaller words. Perfect. All the guys want her who can blame them she’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G . She’s the best friend anyone can ever have.
Guy: hey you ask Miranda to the party
Guy: Ya! She’s the nicest girl ever!
by Cshevejdirhrhrh January 6, 2018
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An amazing person who is always there for you. She's funny, smart, and incredible no matter what.
by Sabber February 17, 2011
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This name means admirable in Latin. Miranda's are very eclectic. She can be extremely intelligent, out-going, sweet, talented, out-doorsy, stylish, and gorgeous all at the same time. A Miranda cares deeply for others. She is a thoughtful friend, and supportive in nature. She does have a temper, and is impatient. Also, Miranda's are determined and often called "stubborn". She can fit into many roles in life, but is happiest when helping others. She is a strong leader.
A Miranda will support you as long as you never give up ever.
by punchbets February 3, 2010
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