Pro Swimmers who have done goofed up so far.
Examples of Washed swimmers are

-Ryan Lochte bc of 2016 but sorta started to figure life out and sorta reedemed himself.
-Klete Keller because of January 6th.
-Connor Dwyer because of his stupidity of testosterone and getting banned.
-Shaine Casas because according to guys at the Texas pro group he’s an asshole also told a top recruit to not go to his former college out of spite.
-Yannick Angel because of his SA scandal
-Diver Jordan Windel because of texting an underage girl in that way.
-Brock Turner because of the incident at Stanford.
There’s probably more that’s all I remember so far.
by S/he’s just a friend January 14, 2022
Semen spewed forth into open air
When bruce farted, an airborne swimmer grazed Terry's lip. Thank God it was his own!
by BiggJussn July 11, 2005
a group of sexc boiz who are kind, dedicated, and have noice abs. they also arent full of themselves, even tho swimming is FRACKIN HARD. in conclusion, they are the BEST. ok thats all if u need proof just look at them
“dang those guys are so ripped and they are so sweet too. “

well duh there swimmer bros geez jessica how could u not tell.

swimmer boys can be spotted from 2 billion miles away because they just GLOW and sometimes smell a lil like chlorine
by bunnyboixd356 February 6, 2019
Someone who is not very smart- as in he was the product of one of the slow swimming sperm.
He doesn't understand, he was a slow swimmer or he is a slow swimmer.
by DetroitVince January 10, 2014
a webtoon :) its about a fish boy named siren who like the beacon who is a godly fish names kappa who fulfills your prophecies but he has to die
Me: castle swimmer rules!
random person who is about to make my day: yes
by Kaifwa October 5, 2020
An inexperienced drunk whose booze-fueled antics usually either descend into such ridiculous acts as pretending to swim on the floor, or becoming legitimately unable to stand giving the impression of swimming on the floor.
"That guy who staggered into the party last night was a sloppy drunken mess, a real floor swimmer."
by FrigOff April 15, 2014
The dry, irritated, shrunked form of balls usually received after swimming for too long. Wearing a speedo only makes this condition worse, as it also compresses said balls.
After the all day invite, I had such a bad case of swimmer balls, I spent the rest of the night scratching them and rubbing moisturizer on them, but in the end, the only thing that could fix it was a nice tea bagging from my girlfriend.
by cookiemonsterwanteatyou September 13, 2009