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Sweater + Pants

Swants occur when you transform a sweater, turn it upside down and seam it into a pair of pants. A Swants tutorial was posted and popularized by knitting designer Westknits.
Swants knit sweater pants repurposed
by Westknits November 07, 2013
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A swag mattress inside a 2 man tent, also known as the jumping castle
I'm going camping, can I borrow your swant
by Dougie D June 30, 2017
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something on someone smells really foul.
" Next to halitosis, I would say his breath is swant"
by elisa March 03, 2004
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Stands for Social Networking Acquaintance: Never Talked.

In the case where you add someone on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and mutually follow each other without really knowing the other person - maybe they looked interesting, or said one comment you found amusing - but never followed it up with an actual conversation. Turns out the person posts quite a bit, and you end up learning huge amounts of intimate detail about their life - indeed, almost feeling like they're a close friend - even though you never actually talked.
"Hey, who's this Elizabeth person on your Twitter timeline?"

"Oh, I followed her years back and now I know how many cats she has, what her favourite TV shows are, and when her grandparents died. She's my swant."
by Marcus Aurelius XIII July 02, 2013
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