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a name. the combonation of alyssa and miranda. commonly used in Lizzie McGuire.
Airanda, I need help trying to get Ethan to like me!
by elisa July 13, 2003
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A boy not of age who is a dicklicking fragile little panzy flower who enjoys knitting with his grandmother on his birthday. Often beat up for being a loser, he can be seen spending his Friday nights at the library skimming the National Geographic magazines in hopes of catching a glimpse of some saggy black boobs.
You're such a little hj16 (fagget).
by elisa February 16, 2005
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when someone takes advantage of somebody else's sacred trust, and goes off and fucks somebody else.
my roomate frequently cheats on her boyfriend.
by elisa January 11, 2004
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this phrase means that someone is ting you badly...but don't use it because it's retarded.
"so did you meet anyone last night"
"that's the gas!" see what I mean.
by elisa March 1, 2004
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A very large obese smelly girl who flirts with ugly fat men on the internet. Part time phone sex operator, full time slut. She enjoys black penises jammed firmed in her bloody rectum. Note: You can drive a truck up her ass, do a K-turn, open the doors, and still not touch the anal walls. Anal sex of this proportion requires thousands of simultaneous black penises to properly fill her anus up.
Damn girl, Shaneekqua is acting like a blowcobragirl today.
by elisa February 16, 2005
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Eric's SweetThang and princess of the SVT world.

by elisa September 24, 2004
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a name for a female. the combonation of Kate and Lizzie. As seen on Lizzie McGuire.
OMG Kizzie! i think Ethan was looking at me in Gym!
by elisa July 13, 2003
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