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Noun. Japanese for "teacher". Can be used as a suffix in names, and can be used for anyone who is knowledgeable or high in profession, eg. doctors.
Satou-sensei, oshiete kurete arigatou gozaimasu. (Mr. Satou, thank you for teaching me)
by Aki April 14, 2004
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Used with masters of any profession. Teachers, scholars, etc. Can be added to the end of a name (usually the surname), or simply 'sensei' in replacement of any name at all. Not to be confused with someone who is of higher status than you in the school or workplace (-sempai).
Saitou-sensei, kono tegami o Eigo ni yakushite itadakitai desu. (Teacher/master, I would like you to translate this letter into English for me.
by Bean-chan July 08, 2006
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A weed aficionado in the highest sense. A Zen-master of herb. King of the Smoke Session. Someone who knows their bud. Someone I'd like to befriend. The term is somewhat loosely applied to range from your uber-dealer/homegrower to borderline burnout old-soul pot smokers with insight and refined taste developed through years sampling the good shit.
Hippie Jesus-beard dude: *muffled* here...
Other Hippie Jesus-beard dude: Heeeeell yeah. Thank you, Sensei *pffffwtttt*
by deadly7sins June 04, 2006
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For Example “Kakashi Sensei” that basically means a teacher. so a sensei is a teacher.
“Hey, Kakashi Sensei can you help me train.”
by DDRon09 June 29, 2020
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A hot tamale; a spicey jalepeno; "stud-muffin". Usually found wearing yellow clothing of some sort. Likes to reside in temperate to warm climates.
Oh man, check out that Sensei!
by student12345 October 04, 2006
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Sensei is a japanese term that define a guy who enjoy pushing away and upsetting the girl he loves so then he reconcile her and recover .
Dude !i love being a sensei with her
by lili dambass November 09, 2019
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