The Correct Way to say "Swamp"

Without the E, it's Swamp like tramp. Not Right.

This is how you say swampe now.

Say it with me children.

by natalbugs13 February 27, 2017
a nasty-ass girl. a bitch / a slut / a broad. somewhere there in the middle..
euh, that girl slept with my ex. ..nasty-ass swamp!
by kelsi21 December 25, 2005
Swamp occurs when, due to the hot weather, parts of your body covered by clothing get all gross and sweaty.....the most common being 'swamp-back' at school, underneath your skirt and shirt from wearing your bag around!
"ew, it's so hot i'm getting swamp back!"
"I have swamp EVERYTHING!!!!"
by iLoveMySC March 6, 2005
The deliberate act of defecating in your pants when you don't have access to a toilet.
I couldn't be bothered to pull over for a shit so I just up swamping until I got to the Motel.
by Andrew D Farrar January 28, 2017
n. A woman's moist or sweaty vagina.

adj. (swampy)the state of a woman's vagina after rigerous sex, prolonged exercise, or exposure to extreme heat or humidity.
n. Tanya's vag was a swamp when I porked her during the August heatwave.

adj. Don't eat me out tonight, I'm a little swampy from the gym.
by Johnny45 January 20, 2004
A soft drink created by combining all available beverages from a soda fountain, particularly at 7-Eleven.
I'm never sure what kind of soda to get, so I usually go with a swamp.
by otherlleft November 28, 2004
A woman's vagina that is not disease free. Foul smelling pussy. Unclean and unkept vagina.
John just came back from the clinic. After hooking up with this girl at the club, he ended up with HIV. I told John about sticking his dick in swamps.
by TheMostHighest October 7, 2010